8.11. Replacement of brushes of a starter

The minimum length of brushes manufacturers does not make a reservation, however wear of brushes to a state when their replacement is required, is quite obvious.


1. Remove a starter (The section Removal and installation to the place of a starter).
2. Give a nut.
3. Disconnect the feeding starter cable from the plug of the electromagnetic actuator.
4. Give and remove 2 screws fixing a shaft cover to a collector cover.
5. Uncover.
6. Remove a sealing ring.
7. Take a ring clip and remove laying and a sealing ring.
8. Give through bolts, the fixing covers of a collector and a stopper to the case. Make marking of a cover in relation to the case.
9. Uncover a collector.
10. Remove assembly of the brush holder, at the same time releasing sealing laying of the feeding cable from a collar. If repair or cleaning of a collector / anchor is required, take it from the stator at this stage, then remove assembly of brush holders. After removal of assembly of the brush holder of a spring will push out brushes from their holders, however brushes will be the withheld wires.
11. Examine brushes regarding wear detection, if necessary replace them. Perhaps it will be possible to get separately brushes in automobile workshops, otherwise assembly of brush holders can be completely replaced. Before starting assembly, smooth out all components. Smooth out a collector by means of a thin emery paper. If the collector is excessively worn-out, then its machine processing in a workshop on repair of the electric equipment is allowed. Make sure that brush holders are smoothed carefully out so that new brushes freely moved in the brush holder.
12. Partially establish on the collector of a plate of brushes without brush holders, then make centering of brushes and put on them springs and brush holders.
13. If it was taken, establish an anchor to the place of inside stator.
14. Put on assembly of brush holders in a set a collector anchor, at the same time inserting the sealing plug, the feeding cable into a cut in the case.
15. Establish a collector cover on an anchor, then put on a sealing ring, laying (laying) and a ring clip. You watch that the sealing ring was put on correctly.
16. Establish into place a collector cover, watching that the tags of mutually provision of a cover and the case put previously were combined. Insert and tighten through bolts.
17. Establish to the place of laying and a ring clip, then put on a cover of a shaft and a sealing ring a collector cover and tighten 2 screws.
18. Connect the feeding cable to the plug of the electromagnetic actuator and tighten a nut.
19. Establish into place a starter (The section Removal and installation to the place of a starter).