6.9. System of injection of fuel - precautionary measures and dropping pressure

Before starting the procedure, read the prevention given at the end of the Section the General information and precautionary measures.

The procedure described below means only dumping
pressure in fuel system - do not forget that fuel is still present
in components of system and before disconnecting any detail of system,
take precautionary measures against a spill of fuel.

The fuel system described in this section should be characterized as system with the fuel pump installed in a gasoline tank, the fuel filter, fuel injectors, the fuel highway and the regulator of pressure of fuel, metal tubes and flexible hoses of fuel lines between system components. All listed elements contain fuel which is under pressure during the operation of the engine and/or at the included ignition. Pressure can remain in system after switching off of ignition after a while and has to be dumped before removal of components for holding procedures for service of system.


1. Open a box of safety locks and remove a safety lock No. 14 (a safety lock of the fuel pump).
2. Start the engine (if it is possible) and let's it work until it decays. Try to start it twice again with the purpose to make sure that pressure is completely dumped.
3. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery, then establish into place the 14th safety lock.
4. Establish under the connection which is subject to a rassoyedineniye, the capacity of the corresponding volume, also prepare a big piece of rags for collecting the spilled fuel which is not getting to capacity.
5. Slightly weaken a nut of connection or the union for prevention of sudden dumping of pressure and for collecting the sprayed fuel wrap up the union rags. After dumping of pressure disconnect the fuel line. Stop up or a zakuporta the fuel line / union for minimization of losses of fuel and in order to avoid hit in fuel system of dirt.