6.4. Removal and installation to the place of an accelerator pedal



1. By means of a bolt or other suitable tool record the sector of a throttle slightly open for weakening of a tension of a rope at its detachment from a pedal.
2. In interior of the car remove isolation over pedals. On models with the left steering remove the left side panel of the central console. On models with the right steering remove isolation over a foot well of the forward passenger.
3. Lift a pedal and disconnect an internal rope after weakening of a clip.
4. Give bolts of a bracket of a pedal and remove a pedal.

Installation into place

Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to a removal order. At the same time make sure that all fixing bolts are strong tightened. If necessary make adjustment of a tension of a rope of an accelerator (address the Section Removal, installation into place and adjustment of a rope of an accelerator).