6.13. Removal, repair and installation to the place of the fuel tank

Before starting this procedure, you watch the prevention given at the end of the Section the General information and precautionary measures.


Before starting removal of the fuel tank, it is desirable to pour out of a tank all fuel previously. As the drain stopper is not provided in a gasoline tank, it is possible to start operation when the tank is almost empty. In case there is no opportunity to suck away fuel by means of a siphon or the manual pump, then act as follows. Remove the panel of half of the luggage compartment and a cover from the fuel pump, then disconnect from the wire pump. Disconnect the feeding hose from the pump and connect a plastic tube by means of a cap nut of the suitable size. Lower the free end of a plastic tube in the capacity of suitable volume. Take out from a box of safety locks safety locks 14 and 22 (see the Head Sistem of electric equipment), then, having connected two plugs a wire, start the fuel pump. Pump out all fuel from a tank, then disconnect components. Place fuel in the safe place, following the precautionary measures given in the Section the General information and precautionary measures.


1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.
2. Remove the panel of half of the back luggage compartment and a cover from the fuel pump (by means of a hexagon).
3. Disconnect fuel lines and wires from the fuel pump.
4. Prop up forward wheels, then a back part of the car and install to a poddomkratta it on axial props (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels). Track that axial props did not prevent removal of a gasoline tank. Remove the right back wheel.
5. Weaken collars and disconnect an inlet hose from a gasoline tank. Also disconnect a ventilating hose.
6. Working under the car, disconnect a rope of the emergency brake (see the Head the Brake system).
7. Accept gasoline tank weight via the wooden block on a cart jack, then give fixing nuts of a gasoline tank. Begin with the right support so that the rope of a manual wire could be tied up aside. Remove both fixing strips.
8. Having used the help of the assistant, lower the fuel tank and take out it from under the car.
9. In case there is a strong pollution of a gasoline tank rainfall or water, take out the sensor block (models of system of injection of LH-Jetronic fuel - the Section Removal and installation to the place of the block of the sensor of the measuring instrument of fuel (LH-Jetronic model)) and wash out the fuel tank pure fuel. In certain cases carrying out repair work on elimination of insignificant leaks and damages is required. Before starting repair of the fuel tank, consult to experts.

Installation into place

Installation into place happens as it should be, the return to a removal order taking into account the next moments:

   a) At installation of the fuel tank on the place you watch that fixing strips were established correctly. Pay special attention to that no hoses existed clamped between the case of a gasoline tank and a body of the car.
   b) Make sure that all tubes and hoses are correctly laid and fixed on the places by means of the holding clips.
   c) At installation of the anti-spraying equipment make sure that the axis of the gate is located vertically.
   d) In conclusion fill the fuel tank with fuel and before starting the movement on the car, check it regarding detection of leaks.