4.2.20. The first start of the engine after capital repairs


1. After installation of the engine in the car check and recheck levels of motive oil and a cooler. Make sure that all connections are connected, in a motive compartment no tools or rags are left.
2. Remove spark plugs. On the models equipped with the distributor disconnect system of ignition by disconnection of a high-voltage wire of the coil of ignition from a cover of the distributor and ground it on the block of cylinders. For ensuring good contact use a wire for start of the engine from an auxiliary source. On models with direct ignition disconnect the plug from the ignition block.
3. Turn the engine a starter until the alarm lamp of pressure of oil goes out. Establish to the place of a spark plug and connect an ignition coil wire to a cover of the distributor or the plug to the block of ignition of system of direct ignition (DI).
4. Start the engine, keep in mind that start of the engine can take slightly more time, than usually.
5. Having left the engine to work at single turns, check whether there is no leak of fuel or water. It is not necessary to panic at emergence of some unusual smells and the smoke going from the warmed details at burning out of excess of oil.
6. Having made sure that everything is all right, let's the engine work on single turns until water does not begin to circulate on the top hose, then switch off the engine.
7. Check installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition and turns of idling, then switch off the engine.
8. Several minutes later make repeated check of levels of oil and a cooler (see the Head Routine maintenance), if necessary make a dolivaniye.
9. It is not required to hold out bolts of a head of cylinders after the 1st start of the engine after assembly.
10. If new pistons, piston rings or bearings of the crankshaft were installed in the engine, the engine has to be considered as new, and to undergo a running in during the first 800 km. During a running in do not allow full opening of a throttle and an overload. After end of a running in it is recommended to replace motive oil and an oil filter.