3.7. Check of level of electrolyte in the battery

Check of level of electrolyte in the battery (each 400 km or weekly)

The battery is installed in the left part of a motive compartment. If the battery of standard type, level of electrolyte can be checked and if necessary is added. If the battery of not served type, then is not possible to check electrolyte level in it.


1. Remove traffic jams of cans on the top surface of the battery.
2. Make sure that the level of electrolyte is about 15 mm higher than plates.
3. If necessary modify electrolyte level, using only the distilled water.
4. Establish to the place of a stopper of cans.

Further information on the battery, charging and start of the engine from a foreign source is available in the Head Sistemy of start and a charge and preliminary sections of this manual.