3.28. Check of level of liquid of automatic transmission

Check of level of liquid of automatic transmission (after 30 000 km or in 24 months) *

For definition of a further interval of check see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.


1. For a transmission warming up up to the normal working temperature carry out a short trip, then park the car on the flat platform. Measurement of transmission liquid is performed by means of the probe located in a forward part of transmission.
2. At the engine idling install the selector of the choice of transfer to situation "D" approximately for 15 seconds, Then establish it in situation "R" and wait 15 more seconds. Again install the selector in situation "P" and leave the engine to idle.

3. Take the probe from a tube and wipe it with pure rags or a paper towel. Again insert the probe against the stop and again take it. Notice oil level on the probe. (On the probe there are two sets of-level tags - lower for temperature of liquid of 40 °C and top for temperature of 80 °C. If the engine is warmed up to the normal working temperature, then it is necessary to use the top-level set of tags).

4. If it is necessary to add liquid, it should be filled in through a tube into which the measuring probe is inserted until level does not reach the top point in the probe.
5. After a dolivaniye of transmission liquid make a short trip for distribution of new transmission liquid in transmission, then again check liquid level, if necessary make a dolivaniye.
6. Always support liquid level between two marks in the probe. If to allow lowering of level of liquid below the lower tag, serious damage of transmission can be result.

Do not pour transmission liquid above the top mark in the probe at all. For the gulf of liquid use a funnel with a mesh bottom in order to avoid hit in transmission of foreign particles.