3.27. Check of level of gearbox oil in the manual transmission

Check of level of gearbox oil in the manual transmission (in 30 000 or 24 months) *

For definition of intervals of further conducting this check see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.

Unscrewing of a stopper of the gulf/level of the manual transmission will require a special key hexagon.

On early models the oil probe of level of transmission liquid is in a forward part of the transmission and for ensuring access to it it is not required to poddomkrachivat the car.

Arrangement of jellied,-level and drain traffic jams of the manual transmission (late models)

1 — the Jellied stopper
2 — a level Stopper
3 — the Drain stopper


1. Wring out a spring clip aside, then take the probe.

2. Dry wipe the probe and insert it at full length again. Take the probe and make sure that the level of gearbox oil is between the top and lower tags on the probe.

3. On late models forward and back parts of the car also install to a poddomkratta it on axial props (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels).
4. Make sure that the car is installed exactly. For ensuring access to a stopper on the side surface of the transmission remove the left wheel.
5. Absolutely wipe a surface around a stopper which is located on a transmission sidewall behind the left power shaft.

6. Unscrew a stopper and dry wipe it. Level of gearbox oil has to reach bottom edge of an opening. A small amount of gearbox oil will gather behind a stopper of level and will flow out at removal of a stopper, it not necessarily indicates that the level of oil is correct. To make sure that the correct level of oil is established, wait until the stream stops.
7. If the dolivaniye of gearbox oil absolutely is required wipe area around a jellied stopper which is located in the top part of the transmission. Unscrew a stopper and absolutely wipe it.
8. Add necessary amount of oil until level does not reach the top point in the oil probe in early models or until the equal stream of oil is not visible leaving a level opening on later models. Use only high-quality gearbox oil of the required type. For simplification of a flood of gearbox oil in a jellied opening it is necessary to use a funnel.

9. On reaching oil of the required level establish into place and tighten a jellied stopper and where it is necessary, a level stopper. Tightening should be made a dynamometer key with the required effort. Collect all traces of the spilled oil.
10. Where removal was required, establish into place the left forward wheel and lower the car on the earth.