3.18. Check of plugs of the battery

Check of plugs of the battery (after 10 000 km of a run or 12 months later) *

For definition of intervals of further conducting check see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.

The battery is installed in the left part of a motive compartment. The external surface of the battery periodically has to be subject to survey regarding detection of such damages as cracks of the case or a cover.


1. Check reliability of fastening of clips of the wires providing reliable electric contact and also check cables for all length for detection of cracks and an attrition. Check a positive wire between the battery and a starter.
2. In case of corrosion existence (adjournment in the form of white flakes) remove cables from battery plugs, smooth out them a small wire brush and again establish into place. Corrosion of plugs can be minimized by drawing a layer of acid-free vaseline on clips and plugs after their connection.
3. Make sure that the holding clip of the battery is reliably fixed. On later models make sure of reliability of fastening of the holding bolt.
4. Corrosion of the holding clip and plugs of the battery can be removed by means of solution of baking soda. In conclusion carefully wash out the cleared surface fresh water.
5. Any metal parts of the car damaged as a result of corrosion have to be covered with primer on a zinc basis and then are painted.
6. Periodically (approximately each 3 months) check whether the battery is well charged as it is described in the Head Sistemy of start and a charge.

Fuller information on the rechargeable battery, its recharge, start from a foreign source can be found in the Head Sistemy of start and a charge or in the previous sections of the Management.