2.2. Devices


The tachometer shows engine turnovers of 1000 rpm. At economic driving of the shooter of the index has to be in the green sector. Short-term finding of an arrow in the dotted red sector, but not in the continuous red sector is admissible.

At achievement of turns more than 6000 rpm, fuel supply is automatically blocked.

Speedometer, the counter of the general run and the measuring instrument of a run from the moment of dumping

The counter of the general run shows kilometers, the run measuring instrument - kilometers and hundreds of meters.

Temperature sensor

The device shows temperature of cooling liquid of the engine. Normal the arrow has to be in the middle of a device scale.

If the arrow is in the red sector, it is necessary to stop and check the level of cooling liquid.
Models with a turbo-supercharging: check whether the warning lamp of CHECK RADIATOR LEVEL burns that means the insufficient level of liquid in a broad tank.

The manometer (only for engines with a turbo-supercharging)

The manometer shows pressure in the inlet pipeline. At small load of the engine and in the braking mode the engine in the inlet pipeline forms depression, and the arrow of the device is in the white sector. With a growth of turns and increase in load of the engine pressure of pressurization increases and the arrow moves to the orange sector.
Usually the arrow should not move to the red sector as pressure of pressurization is limited automatically for protection of the engine against an overload. However, under certain atmospheric conditions of the shooter can come into the red sector that is not an indicator of malfunction of system.

But, if an arrow it is long is in the red sector, and at the same time loss of engine capacity is felt, it is necessary to address on car repair shop.


Hours are located in the right part of the control panel. Time is determined by means of the button in the center of the dial.