2.18. Roof hatch

Roof hatch

1 — Control of the roof hatch
2 — Management of window regulators
3 — the Key of switching of control mode window regulators of back doors

The hatch of a roof is put in action from the ROOF key on the central console. The hatch of a roof can be opened partially or completely. At release of a key the hatch is fixed in the current situation.

To open completely closed hatch, it is necessary to make the following:

Opening: move a key back

Closing: move a key forward

There is an opportunity also to raise a back edge of the closed hatch (the provision of ventilation):

Opening: move a key forward

Closing: move a key back

Manual control by the hatch

It is also possible to choose intermediate positions, releasing a key at the right time.
On the hatch of a roof there is an antisolar blind moved manually.

When the hatch of a roof reached the extreme situation, it can be opened on several centimeters, having again pressed a key.

Then when closing the hatch it is necessary to press also two times a key.

Under a cover of the top panel of switches the special key for closing of the hatch manually in case of refusal of the electric drive is stored. In this case it is necessary to insert the short end of a key into a hexagonal opening and, rotating a key counterclockwise, to close the hatch.