17:12. Replacement of a rope of the drive of a speedometer

On cars of the SAAB brand two types of mechanisms of the drive of a speedometer are established. The cars manufactured till 1987 were equipped with ordinary trosikovy drives which carried out rotation of a speedometer remotely, by means of a rope with the rotating flexible internal shaft.

Uncertain, changeable indications of a speedometer, such as pulling of an arrow or its gallop, usually result from wear of a driving rope of a speedometer.

The cars released after 1987 are equipped with the electronic sensor on the place of a driving gear wheel. This device measures the speed of rotation of the main transfer of transmission and will transform information to the electric signal sent then in the speedometer module on an instrument guard. The signal is also used as introduction information of the electronic actuation device of a control system of the engine (and, there where are available - the electronic actuation device of a tempostat, the traveling computer and the electronic actuation device of the traction control system).



1. Remove the top panel ("Torpedo") (see the corresponding paragraph of the Section Removal and installation to the place of assembly of the forward panel ("Torpedo"))
2. Remove the air sleeve passing over an instrument guard (see the Head of the Cooling system, heating).
3. Disconnect a driving rope from a back part of the module of a speedometer.
4. Release a rope from the clips fixing it to an internal part of the forward panel ("Torpedo") then stretch the free end of a rope through a partition in a motive compartment, remembering a way of its laying. Do not use at the same time the excessive force as it can lead to damage of the rubber sealing laying established in a partition.
5. There where the rope of a speedometer enters a differential casing on the transmission, give a nut with a nakatka. Take the rope core from a driving gear wheel.
6. Remove a speedometer rope from the car.

Installation into place

Installation of a rope of the drive of a speedometer is into place carried out as it should be, the return to a removal order. Carry out laying of a new rope in the forward panel in the same way as laying of old was carried out, watching that it did not concern moving components. Avoid formation of hard loops on a rope as loops worsen efficiency of rotation of the core of a rope.