16.2. Service of elements of a body and bottom of the car

The general condition of a body of the car significantly influences its price. Care of a body is rather simple, however demands a regularity. Not paying of attention to a condition of a body, especially after insignificant damages quickly leads to further deterioration in its state and expensive repair. It is also important to pay attention to car body elements inaccessible to an eye, such as bottom, internal walls of arches of wheels, to the lower part of a motive compartment, etc.

The main way of care of a body is the sink - preferably plentiful amount of water from a hose. At the same time from a body all firm particles which stuck to it are removed. It is very important to wash away these particles a water stream, in order to avoid damage of polishing when wiping a body. Arches of wheels and the bottom of the car also need washing similarly for removal of the dirt which collected on their surface which easily holds in itself moisture that leads to formation of corrosion of elements of a body.

Paradoxically, but the best time for cleaning of the bottom of the car and arches of wheels, is damp weather when dirt is well moistened and softened. In rainy weather the bottom of the car is usually cleared of the main deposits of dirt automatically that is a good reason for survey of the lower part of a body.

Periodically, except for cars with a bottom sheeting on a wax basis, it is necessary to make steam cleaning of the bottom of the car, including a motive compartment that provides an opportunity for careful survey of the car for the purpose of detection of insignificant damages and definition of necessary repair and replacements. Steam cleaning can be carried out in many garages and is necessary for removal of deposits of the oil soot collecting sometimes in some places of the car.

In case of lack of a possibility of carrying out steam cleaning, it is alternatively possible to use one of the solvents of lubricants which are available on sale such as Holts Engine Degreasant which can be put by means of a brush; after that dirt can be easily washed away by means of a hose. Pay attention that the methods described above are not suitable for cars with a bottom sheeting on a wax basis as it leads to removal of coverings. Such cars have to look round annually, preferably just before a winter season when the bottom sink is made, and any damage of a wax protective layer has to be restored by means of structure of Holts Undershield Ideally the covering has to be completely replaced. It makes sense to put also a sheeting on a wax basis in door panels, thresholds, box-shaped sections, etc. that will provide their additional protection against defeat with a rust in case such protection was not provided at production of the car.

After a sink of the painted surfaces, absolutely wipe them with a piece of suede, for giving to paint of uniform polishing. Drawing pure protective полироля on a wax basis, such as Turtle Wax polishes, will provide additional protection of the painted surfaces against impact of chemical pollution in the atmosphere. In case of tarnishing of the painted surfaces for restoration of gloss use a cleaner combination with polishes such as Turtle Wax Hard Shell Return to the painted surfaces of initial gloss demands use of certain efforts, however, it is necessary to notice that such tarnishing arises usually at neglect the procedure of a regular wash of the car. Extra care has to be observed when processing the surfaces coated type a metallic, so, in order to avoid polishing damage, application of a special not abrasive cleaner / полироля is required.

Constantly you watch that drain openings and tubes of doors and air shafts were absolutely pure so that water could flow down freely on them. Metal facing is subject to the same processing, as well as the painted surfaces. The fat film which is often appearing on windshields and windows has to be removed by means of a patent screen wiper, such as Holts Mixra. Do not apply to purification of glasses any options of wax or other polishes for polishing of a body or the polished surfaces at all.