16:10. Removal and installation to the place of the cowl lock



1. Open a cowl, then remove 4 screws fixing a forward lattice.
2. Following the instructions provided in the corresponding paragraphs of the Section Removal and installation to the place of a rope of opening of a cowl, disconnect a cable from levers of drives of the lock of a cowl.
3. Remove two fixing screws from each party of the block of the lock and take the block from a beam.

Installation into place

Installation of locks is into place carried out as it should be, the return to a removal order; at installation to the place of a rope of opening of a cowl, adjust both stoppers on cowl locks so that locks unambiguously opened at impact on the handle of opening of a cowl.

Make sure also that when the handle is in a starting position, the cowl is reliably recorded by locks from both of its parties, for this purpose strongly pull at each corner of a cowl. If necessary, adjust lengths of a shock finger as it is described below.

Adjustment of a shock finger

The shock finger can be badly adjusted as if it is too long, the cowl can dangle in a closed position and publish a roar; what is even more important, there is a risk of sudden opening of a cowl. On the contrary, if the shock finger is too short, for closing of a cowl the excessive effort can be required, at the same time there is a risk of damage or only partial closing of locks.

For adjustment of length of a shock finger weaken a lock-nut and turn a nut (clockwise for reduction of length or counterclockwise for increase) by means of the screw-driver inserted into the cut-through end. After installation of desirable length, tighten a lock-nut again and recheck reliability of locking of locks of a cowl.