12.4. Adjustment of a rope of the device of automatic decrease in transfer of transmission (kickdown)


1. Make sure that the rope of a throttle is correctly adjusted (The head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
2. Park the car on the flat platform, cock the emergency brake and install the selector lever in situation "N". Switch off ignition.
3. The rope of kickdown comes to an end on a throttle control lever on a throttle case wall. An external part of a rope is fixed on an adjusting bracket by a lock-nut in the same way, as well as on a throttle rope.
4. Manually to a poperemeshchayta a control lever a throttle until resistance from kickdown rope is felt; the beginning of emergence of resistance corresponds to the moment of connection of the kickdown mechanism in transmission. Record a throttle control lever in this situation and measure distance between a ring on an internal part of a rope of kickdown and the end of the site of an external part of a rope with the cut carving. If the measured distance is not equal to 39 mm, shift a ring lengthways on a rope before installation of the required value.
5. Release a control lever of a throttle and let's it return to the starting position. Measure distance between a ring and the end of an external part of a rope, as well as earlier. If the measured distance does not equal 2.5 mm, it has to be brought to the required value by weakening of internal and external lock-nuts on an adjusting bracket and a podkruchivaniye of external connection of a rope clockwise or counterclockwise depending on whether it is required to reduce or increase distance. After installation of the required value, tighten two lock-nuts.
6. Make road check of the car, having made sure that the kickdown mechanism turns on by full pressing of a pedal of an accelerator further of the provision of completely open throttle.