10.1. General information

On cars with the manual transmission the operated system of coupling with one disk of dry type is installed hydraulically. Unlike the systems operated by a rope this system is not subject to adjustment and does not demand it.

Components of system of coupling are the coupling pedal, the main cylinder, hydraulic tubes, the executive cylinder, the release bearing and a fork, the conducted disk and press a disk.

The conducted disk is established on shlitsevy a main shaft of the transmission. The disk has the minimum radial side play and has to rotate together with shaft, however at the same time has an opportunity to slide freely along its axis. The basket with a press disk pribolchivatsya directly to a flywheel and clamps the conducted disk. Diaphragm springs push press a disk to a flywheel, clamping the conducted disk that provides transfer of rotation of the crankshaft on the leading shaft of the transmission.

The pedal of coupling connects to the piston of the main cylinder by means of a connecting rod. When squeezing a pedal of coupling hydraulic liquid from the main cylinder on hydraulic tubes is forced out in the executive cylinder which is installed on the leading shaft of the transmission in a coupling dome. In process of increase in pressure the piston, moving in the executive cylinder, puts in action the release bearing of coupling via the bifurcate lever.

The release bearing of coupling presses a diaphragm spring which, in turn, removes the effort transferred on press a disk and the conducted disk. The conducted disk at the same time moves on shaft vents from a flywheel and both of them rotate independently, at the same time the movement is not transferred to the leading shaft of the transmission.
Such scheme of management through squeezing of a diaphragm spring allows coupling to be in a condition of partial coupling / unhooking or "to slip", providing a soft otpuskaniye and continuing transfer of the movement at gear shifting.

In addition to told, the conducted disk is made of two halves which are connected with each other by means of the damping springs. At compression of a spring provide a possibility of a small free wheeling between disks, serving for damping of coupling, reduction of vibrations and breakthroughs of the car at start-off from the place at coupling inclusion. Besides the plug of the conducted disk is radially sprung for damping of the torsion shock loadings.

The hydraulic liquid applied in system of coupling is the same liquid that is applied in the brake system, and comes to the main cylinder via the outlet in a compensation tank. When carrying out any works with any components of system of coupling the hydraulic system has to be sealed and on completion of works it is necessary to produce dolivany liquids and pumping of system for removal of air bubbles. The detailed description of these procedures is provided in the Section Pumping of Hydraulic System of this Chapter.

The scheme of a control system of coupling of the SAAB 9000 cars underwent a set of adjustments though in general the scheme of functioning of system remains invariable. Mainly changes concerned an installation site of the main cylinder, were made on release models between till 1994 and after 1994, and also between models with left-side and right-hand steering. In a corresponding way the way of connection between a pedal of coupling and the main cylinder also depends on type and date of issue of the car.