9.4. Removal, capital repairs and installation to the place of the distributor (system on Hall's effect)



1. Make marking of connection of high-voltage candle wires for the purpose of simplification of their return connection and disconnect them from a distributor cover. If it is necessary, remove them as well from spark plugs - it is required for removal of a viewing cover on the center of a head of cylinders. Release clips from each party of a cover of the distributor and put a cover aside. If clips were too hard, use the screw-driver for their opening.
2. Cock the emergency brake, then a front of the car and establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels). On models with the manual transmission the engine can be scrolled by scrolling of the right forward wheel at installation of the handle of gear shifting on the 4th transfer. On models with automatic transmission for a possibility of putting on of a face key on a pulley of the crankshaft it will be required to remove the right forward wheel and forward section of a loker of an arch of a wheel.
3. Remove the 1st candle (the next to a distributive chain on the engine).
4. Stop up a candle opening with a finger and turn the engine in the normal direction (clockwise, looking from a crankshaft pulley); continue to rotate the engine until in the 1st cylinder pressure is not felt. Emergence of pressure indicates that the piston entered a compression step.
5. Continue to rotate the engine until the zero tag on a flywheel / a driving disk does not coincide with a distributive tag on a coupling casing. Make sure also that the runner of the distributor specifies on the directions to a segment of the 1st high-voltage wire in case the distributor cover is established. If on a rim of the case of the distributor there is no marking, make such marking by means of a file.
6. Paint or, besides, a file make tags of mutual provision of the basis of the distributor and a head of cylinders.
7. Disconnect the electric socket of the sensor of Hall.
8. Where is available, disconnect a vacuum hose from the vacuum regulator of double action.
9. Give a fixing bolt of a clip of the distributor and remove a clip.
10. Remove the distributor from a head of cylinders. Pay attention that on a power shaft of the distributor there is excentricly located ledge which is combined with a cut at an end face of a final cam-shaft.

Capital repairs

The runner is tightly fixed on a shaft of the distributor and at removal from it completely collapses. Fix the new runner on a shaft by means of the fixing liquid.

It is impossible to make replacement of the sensor of Hall or blades with cuts therefore at failure detection any of these components, the distributor has to be replaced in a set. The only components which can be replaced separately are the vacuum regulator (if is available) and the runner.

For removal of the vacuum regulator give fixing screws and disconnect the driving lever. At installation of the vacuum regulator into place turn Hall's sensor clockwise on so many, on how many it it is possible, then move it for installation of the driving lever on a finger forward and back.

You watch that on to concern Hall's sensor metal objects as it can lead to its damage.

Installation into place


1. Make sure that the distributor still is in the top dead point of a step of compression of the 1st cylinder. Check a condition of a sealing ring for a distributor coat hanger, if necessary replace it.
2. Turn the runner so that he specified in a point of provision of the top dead point No. 1 on a distributor rim.
3. Insert the distributor into a head of cylinders according to the put previously adjusting tags. When the distributor is almost completely inserted, it can be necessary to slightly move the runner for combination of a ledge with a cut on a final cam-shaft. At installation of the new distributor install the distributor case so that the runner indicated a segment of a high-voltage wire of the 1st candle on a distributor cover.
4. Establish into place a clip and tighten a fixing bolt.
5. Where is available, connect a vacuum hose to the vacuum regulator of double action.
6. Connect wires to Hall's sensor.
7. Establish into place the 1st candle and tighten it with the required effort.
8. Do not forget to remove a face key or a cap head from a crankshaft pulley bolt. On models with automatic transmission establish into place a loker of an arch of a wheel and a wheel.
9. Lower the car on the earth and tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel.
10. Establish into place a distributor cover, connect high-voltage wires.
11. Check and, if necessary, make adjustment of installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition (address the Section Check and adjustment of installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition).