9.3. Removal, check and installation to the place of the high-voltage coil of ignition (system with Hall's sensor)



1. The coil of ignition is located in a motive compartment on a forward beam over a radiator. Roll a rubber dustproof cover back and disconnect a high-voltage wire.
2. Make marking of provision of low-voltage wires, then disconnect them from plugs on the coil.
3. Give fixing bolts and remove the coil from a beam.


Check of the coil of ignition is carried out by measurement of conductivity of primary and secondary windings of the coil by means of a tester (primary winding: between positive and negative low-voltage plugs, a secondary winding: between the low-voltage positive plug and the plug of a high-voltage wire). Compare the received results to the values given in Specifications at the beginning of this Chapter. Resistance of windings of the coil in insignificant degree depends on change of temperature.

Installation into place

Installation is into place carried out as it should be, the return to a removal order, at the same time make sure that the adjusting clip and the coil are carefully cleared, and contacts of wires are correctly come.