8. Systems of start and charge

Because of the direct relation of systems of start and charging to operation of the engine of the car components of these systems are considered separately from the body electric equipment, such as headlights, electric devices, etc. (which devoted the Head Sistema of electric equipment). On the car the electric system with grounding on a negative pole is applied 12B.

Fabrichno the battery installed on the car is the battery which is demanding the minimum service or not demanding service. Recharge of the battery is made from the generator set in motion by a driving belt from a crankshaft pulley. During long operation of the car, the battery fabrichno installed can be replaced with the battery of standard type.

The starter joins by means of the electromagnetic actuator At start of the engine the actuator brings a driving gear wheel into gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel / a driving disk before putting the starter motor in action. After start of the engine the obgonny coupling prevents rotation of an anchor of a starter the engine during time until the driving gear wheel is still connected to a gear wreath. Some modern models of starters are equipped with the epycyclic reducer established between an anchor of a starter and a gear wheel.

Precautionary measures

The detailed description of various systems is provided in appropriate sections of this chapter. When holding repair procedures an everyday occurrence is replacement of separate components. Owners of cars, whose interests extend more widely than simple change of components, have to acquire the copy of the Guide to electric and electronic systems of the car.

In order to avoid getting injured, and also damages of the semiconductor equipment (diodes and transistors) during the work with electric equipment it is necessary to observe extreme care. During the work with electric system observe the following precautionary measures:

Before getting to work with car electric equipment, surely remove rings and the watch. Even at the switched-off battery there is always a possibility of the capacitor category at a zakorachivaniye of the charged component plug on the earth through a metal object. It can lead to electric shock or a severe burn.

Do not interchange the position of contacts of the battery. Such components as the generator, the electronic actuation device, and also others include semiconductor elements which can be irreversible at the same time are damaged.
At start of the engine from an auxiliary source, connect plus to plus of the battery and minus to minus (address the Section: Start of the engine from the auxiliary power supply). Same concerns also the procedure of recharge of the battery.

Never disconnect battery plugs, the generator and other electric wires or diagnostic units at the working engine.

Do not allow rotation of the generator the engine at the switched-off generator.

Never check presence of output power on the generator by a zakorachivaniye for the case of an output wire.

Never use for check of conductivity of electric chains an ohmmeter with dinamomashiny the manual drive.
Always you watch that during the work with electric equipment the negative wire of the battery was disconnected.
Before applying arc welding at car repairs, disconnect the battery, the generator and such components as the electronic actuation device of fuel system / system of ignition, in order to avoid their damage.

The block of the radio tape recorder which is standardly installed in the SAAB car since 1994 to the issue is supplied with a security code for prevention of thefts. The system is activated at a rupture of a power-supply circuit. Even at immediate restoration of a chain the block of the radio tape recorder is not subject to use before input of a security code. Therefore if you do not know a security code, do not disconnect a negative wire of the battery and do not remove the radio tape recorder from the car in order to avoid its shutdown. Full information on security system of radio tape recorders is provided in the Section: Preventions on security system of the radio tape recorder - at the beginning of this manual.