8.9. Check of system of start

If the starter does not rotate at turn of the ignition key in required position, the following reasons are possible:

   a) The battery is faulty.
   b) There is a damage of electric contacts between the switch, the electromagnetic actuator, the battery and the engine of a starter which is not providing a transmission of the required current from the battery through a starter on the earth.
   c) The electromagnetic actuator is faulty.
   d) There is a mechanical or electric defect of a starter.


1. For check of the battery include headlights. If brightness of headlights falls several seconds later, it indicates that the battery is discharged - recharge (The section Check and recharge of the battery) or replace the battery. If headlights burn brightly, then include a starter and again examine headlights. If now their brightness fell, then it indicates that current arrives to a starter - thus malfunction has to be in a starter. If headlights continue to burn brightly and there is no clicking sound going from the electromagnetic actuator of a starter therefore there is a malfunction in an electric chain or in the electromagnetic actuator - see the following Sections. If the starter rotates too slowly in spite of the fact that the battery is in good shape, then it indicates that either the starter, or a contour is faulty has too high resistance.
2. If there is a suspicion on malfunction of a contour, disconnect battery wires, a starter wire / the electromagnetic actuator and the tire of grounding of engine / transmission. Carefully smooth out electric contacts and again connect wires, then use the voltmeter or an indicator lamp for check that on positive contact of the electromagnetic actuator there is full tension of the battery, and that as it should be grounding. In order to avoid corrosion grease battery plugs with acid-free vaseline - corrosion of plugs is the most frequent cause of defect of electric equipment.
3. In case the battery and all electric connections are in good shape, check an electric contour by a wire detachment from the plug of the electromagnetic actuator. Connect the voltmeter or an indicator lamp between the end of a wire and well grounded point (such as negative plug of the battery), and make sure that on a wire there is tension at turn of the ignition key in situation "start". If this is so, then a contour as it should be if is not present, it is necessary to make check of wires of a chain as it is described in the Head Sistema of electric equipment.
4. Electric contacts of the electromagnetic actuator can be checked by connection of the voltmeter or an indicator lamp between plugs on the starter party of the electromagnetic actuator and the case. At turn of the ignition key in situation "start" the voltmeter has to show the required tension or the indicator lamp has to light up. If the lamp does not join or the voltmeter does not show tension, then there is a malfunction of the electromagnetic actuator or its electric contacts, in this case the electromagnetic actuator has to be replaced.
5. If the electric chain and the electromagnetic actuator as it should be, malfunction can be in a starter. Check of a starter is made by its removal (address the Section Removal and installation to the place of a starter) and check of brushes (address the Section Replacement of Brushes of a Starter). If brushes as it should be, then malfunction has to be in starter engine windings. In this case capital repairs of a starter in a specialized workshop, however can be made before starting the procedure, make sure available of shops of necessary spare parts and consult about the prices of them as in certain cases bigger economy of means it is possible to reach by exchange of a starter.