8.8. Survey and replacement of the regulator and brushes of the generator


1. Remove the generator (address the Section Removal and installation to the place of the generator).
2. Give a nut of the big plug.
3. Give screws of fastening of a cover to a back part of the generator.
4. By means of the screw-driver hook a cover.
5. Remove it from a back part of the generator.
6. Give and remove 2 holding screws.
7. Then remove the holder of the regulator from a back part of the generator.
8. Measure the size of a vystupaniye of each brush from the brush holder, use for this purpose a steel ruler or a caliper. In case of a vystupaniye of brushes, less than have to be replaced with 5 mm of a brush or new assembly is established. On early models of a brush there can be vypayana and are replaced, however on later models it can be impossible.
9. By means of a soldering iron unsolder wires of brushes from plugs in the top part of brush holders.
10. Remove excess solder from plugs and smooth out brush holders. It is very important that new brushes freely moved in the brush holder.
11. In turn install new brushes in the brush holder then, holding them at the compressed springs flat-nose pliers, solder wires to plugs. Do not release a brush until solder does not cool down.
12. In case old brushes are in good shape, clear them and check whether freely they move in the brush holder.
13. The rag moistened in gasoline, wash out contact rings of the generator. Examine their surfaces regarding detection of scratches or progar. In a specialized workshop restoration of contact rings of the generator can be made.
14. Establish into place assembly of the regulator/brush holder and strong tighten its fixing screws.
15. Establish into place a cover, then insert and tighten fixing screws, then establish into place a nut of the big plug.
16. Install into place the generator (The section Removal and installation to the place of the generator).

You watch to overheating the regulator. Take out brushes from brush holders together with clamping springs.