8.7. Removal and installation to the place of the generator



1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.
2. Cock the emergency brake, then a front of the car and establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels). Remove the right forward wheel.
3. For ensuring access to the engine remove a plastic molding of the right forward wing, and then forward section of a loker of an arch of a wheel.
4. Take off an auxiliary driving belt (The section Check and replacement of an auxiliary driving belt).
5. Give the top and lower fixing bolts of the generator. The top fixing bolt of engines with balancing shaft (B204/B234) is supplied with a cut.
6. Take out the generator from under the right wing so that access to contacts of wires was formed.
7. On the engines equipped with balancing shaft (B204, B234), an otboltita from a back wall of cylinders an adjusting bracket of system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel - pay attention that on a bracket the pulley of an auxiliary driving belt is also fixed.
8. Remember an arrangement of wires on a back wall of the generator, then give nuts of plugs (where are available) and disconnect wires.
9. Remove the generator from a wing.

Installation into place

Installation is into place made as it should be, the return to a removal order. Check reliability of support of the generator and establish into place an auxiliary driving belt (see the Head Routine maintenance).