8.4. Removal and installation to the place of the battery



1. The battery is located in the left part of a motive compartment.
2. Give a clamping nut and disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the battery. Similarly disconnect a wire from the positive plug of the battery.
3. Give a bolt and remove the holding battery clip fixing it to an adjusting bracket. On early models just weaken a battery clip.
4. Take out the battery from a motive compartment (do not incline it too strongly).

Installation into place

Installation is into place made as it should be, the return to a removal order. Before accession of wires grease battery plugs with technical vaseline and always in the beginning attach a positive wire, then negative. On models till 1994 issues of the plug of the battery are located near the engine with the positive plug ahead; on models since 1995 issues of the plug are located near the left forward wing with the forward negative plug.