7.3. The catalytic converter - the general information and precautionary measures

The catalytic converter is the reliable and simple device which in itself does not need service, however there are some factors to which the driver has to pay attention for ensuring due functioning of the converter during full service life.

   a) Do not apply on the cars equipped with the catalytic converter, ethylated gasoline - lead collects on the surface of rare-earth metals, lowering their catalyzing ability and can lead to a converter exit out of operation.

   b) Always in due terms and according to the instructions provided in the Management you make regular service of fuel system and system of ignition (see the Head Routine maintenance).

   c) At emergence in the engine of admissions of ignition stop or reduce to a trip minimum on the car before elimination of causes of defect.

   d) Do not start the car engine by pushing or its towage - it leads to absorption in the catalytic converter of not burned down fuel that leads to a converter overheat at start of the engine.

   e) Do not switch off ignition on high turns of the engine - sharply do not throw gas before switching off of ignition. Allow the engine to dump at first turns to single.

   f) Do not apply additives to fuel or motive oil - they may contain the impurity harmful to the catalytic converter.

   g) Do not continue to use the car at emergence of signs of combustion of oil in the engine such as well noticeable blue smoke in an exhaust.

   h) Remember that the catalytic converter works at very high temperatures. Do not park the car after the long run on the platforms covered with a dry high grass or fallen leaves.

   i) Remember that the catalytic converter is very fragile - watch to striking the converter with the tool when holding procedures for service of the car.