6. Fuel and exhaust systems

General information

The fuel system consists of the fuel tank located under a back part of a body of the car (with the electric fuel pump which is built in a tank), the fuel filter and the giving and returnable fuel lines. The fuel pump gives fuel to the fuel highway which serves as the tank for fuel injectors. Injectors inject fuel into inlet paths. The fuel filter is switched on in the feeding line from the fuel pump to the fuel highway and serves for purification of the fuel given to injectors. On models with system of injection of LH-Jetronic fuel the fuel filter is located between the battery and a false partition, on models with a control system of the Trionic engine the filter is located in the neighbourhood with a gasoline tank.

On the car of the SAAB 9000 brand the system of injection of BOSCH LH-Jetronic fuel (model till 1993 of the issue) or SAAB Trionic is installed (models since 1993 of the issue). Full information on functioning of each system of injection of fuel is provided in the Section System of Injection of Fuel - the general information, and information on the exhaust system in the Section the Exhaust system - the general information and removal of components.
The control system of speed (темпостат) is the standard equipment on all models. This system allows the driver to choose the speed of the car and after that to take away a leg from an accelerator pedal. The system is automatically disconnected when squeezing a pedal of coupling, or a brake pedal, or at switching off of system.
On some models the turbocompressor is established. Full information on system of a turbo-supercharging is provided in the Section Turbocompressor - the description and precautionary measures.

Many procedures described in this Chapter assume removal of fuel lines and connections that inevitably involves a fuel quantity spill. Gasoline is extremely dangerous and flying liquid therefore during the work with gasoline it is necessary to observe special precautionary measures. Do not approach a workplace with naked flame, with the lit cigarette or the carrying which is not equipped with the lamp shade. Also do not work with fuel system indoors, equipped with electric heaters.