6.7. Unleaded gasoline - the general information and application

Information provided in this Chapter is fair for time of writing of the original of this manual, concerns only the gasolines delivered in retail chain stores of Great Britain. In case of need obtaining additional information address to representative office of SAAB. At trips abroad consult in the relevant organization (GAI) about the brands of gasoline and their validity which are available in retail chain stores of this country for use in your car.

The fuel recommended by SAAB, given in Specifications at the beginning of the Head belongs to an equivalent of gasolines of retail chain stores of Great Britain.

RON and MON - various test standards; RON (RM is also written) determines octane number by the received research method (AI) whereas MON (it is also written MM), determines the octane number received by a motor method (A).

Models of the SAAB 9000 cars are designed for work on fuel not worse than AI-91. The majority of models, is equipped with the catalytic converter, and is subject to filling only with unleaded gasoline. Use of ethylated gasoline is not allowed under no circumstances as it can lead to damage of the catalytic converter. On models without catalytic transformation use, both unleaded, and ethylated gasoline without modifications is allowed.