6.11. Check and replacement of the relay of the fuel pump


System of injection of LH-Jetronic fuel


1. Connect plugs from the measuring instrument of an air stream and the electronic actuation device (ECU).
2. By means of a wire connect 21 (ochroleucous) and the 17th (violet) plugs of the plug of the electronic actuation device, then by means of the voltmeter make sure of presence of tension of the accumulator on a white-red plait of wires, going to a motive compartment. Also make sure that tension of the battery is present at safety lock plugs 14. In the absence of tension check wires.
3. Remove a ware box (see the Head Body works), then remove the panel of safety locks (without connection of wires) (see the Head Sistem of electric equipment).
4. By means of the voltmeter make sure that on the 30th plug of the panel there is battery tension.
5. Make sure available battery tension on the plug of 87 relays of the fuel pump. In case of lack of tension check wires. In case everything is all right, replace the relay.

Control system of the Trionic engine


1. The relay of the fuel pump is located in the holder of the relay on the left side of the forward panel ("Torpedo"). Include ignition and listen whether the buzzing sound proceeds from the relay. Also listen whether there is no buzzing sound proceeding from the fuel pump in the fuel tank under the back luggage compartment.
2. In case neither from the relay, nor from the pump no sounds proceed, check the 14th safety lock in a box of safety locks. In case a safety lock as it should be, take out the relay from the holder and connect a LED tester to plugs 85 and 86 of holders. At the included ignition the light-emitting diode has to flash that will indicate that current arrives to the relay. In case current arrives to the relay, but the pump does not rotate, it is necessary to replace the relay.
3. In case when giving electric current in the relay the click is heard, connect a thick wire for start of the engine from an auxiliary source between safety locks 14 and 22 in a box of safety locks. Now food on the pump moves unambiguously. In case the pump still refuses to rotate, check integrity of wires of the pump under half of the back luggage compartment. If the electric chain as it should be, food to the pump arrives, but it does not rotate, then the pump is faulty.



1. For replacement of the relay take the relay from the relay panel.
2. Strongly insert the new relay into the panel.