5.8. System of heating / ventilation - the general information

On cars of this model three types of systems of heating / ventilation - the hand-operated standard system, standard system with the air conditioner which is also operated manually and the system of automatic control of climate maintaining the constant set temperature in interior of the car regardless of ambient temperature can be established. The mainframe of system of heating/ventilation is the general for all versions of system and consists of the air sleeve going from is central the established assembly of a heater to the central ventilating channel and bilateral channels with lengthening, going from the lower part of a heater via the central console to foot wells of back seats. Also 4-speed motor of the fan of a heater enters the block.

The control panel of a heater and ventilation is installed in the central part of the forward panel ("Torpedo"). For the direction of air in various sleeves and channels in a casing of the distributor of air the gates put in action by a rope are installed.

Cold air comes to system through the lattice which is under a windshield. If necessary, forcing of an air stream is made by the fan. Air comes to various sleeves, depending on the choice on the control panel. Stagnant air is removed through the sleeve which is in a back part of the car. If supply of warm air is required, cold air is banished via the heat exchanger of the heater heated from an engine cooler.

On late models the motor of the circulation pulser of the blower is located in back doors.

On the models equipped with the air conditioning system, the switch of recirculation stops supply of external air while air circulation in salon is carried out. Such system allows to avoid hit in interior of the car outside of unpleasant smells, however, has to be used only quickly as the air circulating in interior of the car soon loses freshness.