5.5. Check, removal and installation to the place of the electric fan of the cooling system



1. Food moves to the electric fan of the cooling system directly from the battery (see the Head Sistemy of start and a charge), the block of safety locks (see the Head Sistem of electric equipment) and the relay of the electric fan is located in front of the battery in the left part of a motive compartment. The contour becomes isolated the thermostatic switch of the fan which is installed in the right tank of a radiator. On the models equipped with the air conditioning system, the fan is also run by the block of the air conditioning system (see the Section Check, removal and installation to the place of electric switches of the cooling system).
2. If there is a suspicion on failure of the electric fan, start the engine, warm up it up to the normal working temperatures, then leave to idle. The fan has to turn on within several minutes (how the arrow of the measuring instrument of temperature will enter a red zone). On the models equipped with the air conditioning system turning on of the conditioner also will affect operation of the fan as the same fan is used for a produv of air via the condenser of the air conditioner. If the fan does not work, switch off ignition, disconnect the plug from the fan switch on a radiator. By means of a piece of a wire close 2 contacts on the fan plug. If now the fan turned on, then the problem consists in malfunction of the switch, the switch has to be replaced.
3. On the models equipped with the 2-speed fan in case the fan works only at one speed, malfunction can consist in defect of the resistor. For check of conductivity of the resistor use an ohmmeter, in case of need replace the resistor as below in this Section is described.
4. If the fan still does not work, make sure that the power supply from the battery moves on the switch; if the switch is not powered, then the break of the feeding contour is possible (perhaps because of burn-out of a safety lock). In case the problem with food is absent, check conductivity between the plug of grounding of the switch and a point of grounding on the car case; if the grounding tire as it should be, then the contact in a grounding point is badly provided, it is necessary to perezakrepit the tire.
5. If the switch and wires of a contour are in good shape, then the cause of defect lies in malfunction of the motor of the fan. Serviceability of the motor can be checked by its detachment from a contour of wires and connection directly to the 12-volt power supply.



1. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.
2. Disconnect wires from the electric fan of the cooling system.
3. Where the coil of ignition is located on a radiator beam, disconnect a high-voltage wire from a distributor cover.
4. On the models equipped with system of a turbo-supercharging disconnect a wire of the control valve of forcing of pressure, then remove the valve from a support on a casing and shift it aside.
5. Give and remove the top fixing bolts of a casing of the fan, slightly shift a casing and remove a cable clip.
6. Cock the emergency brake, then a front of the car and establish to a poddomkratta it on axial props (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels).
7. Remove the central reflector under a radiator.
8. Give the lower fixing screw of a casing of the fan, then take out a casing together with the motor from a motive compartment at the top.
9. Having established assembly on a workbench, give fixing nuts of the motor of the fan. On the 2-speed fan disconnect the resistor, having drilled rivets. Remove switches from a casing and disconnect the motor from the fan.

Installation into place

Installation is carried out as it should be the return to a removal order. If it is required, establish new rivets for fastening of the resistor of the 2-speed fan. If necessary the resistor can be replaced by cutting of wires and soldering of new.