5.3. Removal, survey and installation to the place of a radiator

If you are going to remove a radiator with the purpose to eliminate leaks, then it is worth trying at first a compound for sealing of a radiator such as Holts Radweld - the compound is added to a cooler and soon eliminates insignificant leaks in a radiator without removal it from the car.



1. The radiator is taken out from a motive compartment at the top together with the electric fan of the cooling system. At first cock the emergency brake, then raise a front of the car and establish it on axial props.
2. Disconnect a negative wire of the battery.
3. Otboltite also remove the central reflector from under a radiator. On early models there can be necessary a removal of a front grille (see the Head Body works).
4. Merge the cooling system (see the Head Routine maintenance).
5. On the models equipped with the air conditioning system if it is necessary, give and remove the lower adjusting bolts from the condenser.
6. Weaken a collar and disconnect the top hose from a radiator.
7. Where is available, pick up the entrance phone of the air cleaner.
8. On the models equipped with the air conditioning system to an otboltita also remove the top adjusting bolts from the condenser.
9. On the models equipped with system of a turbo-supercharging disconnect a wire from the operating valve of pressure of the supercharger of air and disconnect it from a bracket on a fan casing.
10. Disconnect wires from the electric fan of the cooling system and the thermostatic switch.
11. On the models equipped with the oil cooler give the top basic bolt and weaken the lower basic bolts of the oil cooler, then shift the block aside.
12. Weaken collars and disconnect a hose of a broad tank and the lower hose from a radiator.
13. Where is available, an otboltita from a radiator beam an adjusting bracket of the coil of ignition.
14. On models with automatic transmission weaken nipple connections and disconnect liquid hoses from the right tank of a radiator. Zakuporte or close up with an adhesive tape the ends of hoses in order to avoid hit of dirt and dust in hydraulic system.
15. Give and remove the bolt (A) of the top support of a radiator located in the top part of a radiator then raise a radiator from the lower pillows up and take it from a motive compartment. Pay attention to a fixing bolt of the condenser of system of a kondensionirovaniye of air (B).
16. If necessary remove the lower rubber pillows of support from a beam and remove the block of the electric fan of the cooling system.



1. If the radiator was removed on suspicion of its blockage, make the return washing of a radiator (a counter stream) (see the Head Routine maintenance). Clean dirt and the got stuck particles from radiator lamels, use for this purpose compressed air (having taken care of protection of eyes) or a soft brush. Be careful, lamels of a radiator are extremely sharp and, besides can be easily damaged.
2. If necessary check by "stream" can be made for definition of existence of internal obstruction of a radiator in the conditions of a specialized workshop.
3. The proceeding radiator is subject to repair in a specialized workshop. Do not make attempts to solder or make the current radiator.
4. In case the radiator goes to repair or the new radiator will be established, remove the thermostatic switch of the fan of the cooling system.
5. Check a condition of rubber pillows of support of a radiator, if necessary replace them.

Installation into place

Installation is into place carried out as it should be the return to a removal order. At the same time it is necessary to remember the next moments:

   a) Make sure that the lower adjusting ears on a radiator correctly connected to rubber pillows of support of a radiator in the beam case.
   b) Connect hoses (address the Section Detachment and replacement of hoses of the cooling system).
   c) In conclusion fill in the cooling system (see the Head Routine maintenance).