5.10. The air conditioning system - the general information and precautionary measures.

On some models the air conditioning system is installed. The system maintains temperature and humidity of air in interior of the car at the set level, creating the comfortable atmosphere.

The receiver of the air conditioner is established in a parvy forward corner of a motive compartment (late models)

Components of the air conditioning system

1 — the Receiver
2 — the Evaporator

3 — the Condenser
4 — the Compressor

The cooling part of the air conditioning system works also as the household refrigerator. Gaseous coolant comes to the compressor with the belt drive and from there to the condenser installed before a radiator, in the condenser coolant gives heat and turns into liquid. Liquid comes to the evaporator through a receiver and the broad valve, in the evaporator coolant from liquid of high pressure turns into gas of low pressure. This transformation is followed by temperature drop and cooling of the evaporator. Coolant comes back to the compressor and the cycle is repeated again.

On some models (not for Great Britain) the system of automatic control of climate (ACC) is installed. The dividing evaporator (evaporator separator) and the block of the fan are installed in a luggage carrier.

Air via channels of the evaporator comes to the air distribution block. The air conditioning system has two managing directors of the button located in the left part of the control panel of a heater - one button turns on the air conditioning system, and another involves system of recirculation of internal air.

The heating party of system works in the same way, as well as at models without air conditioner (address the Section System of Heating/ventilation - the general information).

Functioning of system is controlled by electromagnetic coupling of a pulley of the drive of the compressor. At emergence of any problems with the air conditioning system it is necessary to address to representative office of SAAB.

Precautionary measures

During the work with the air conditioning system it is necessary to observe special precautionary measures. If for any reason the system has to be disconnected, then this work has to be carried out in representative office of SAAB or in a specialized workshop on repair of air conditioning systems.

Liquid coolant is in system under pressure therefore without the corresponding knowledge and the equipment to disconnect any parts of system extremely dangerously. Coolant is potentially dangerous and work with it lies in a field of activity of qualified specialists. Hit of coolant on open skin can cause a frostbite. Coolant in itself is not poisonous, however at hit on naked flame (including a cigarette) coolant emits poisonous gas. Not controlled change of coolant is dangerous, both to the owner of the car, and for the environment. Do not turn on the air conditioning system if it is known that in it there is a lack of coolant as it can lead to damage of the compressor.