4.2.9. Removal, survey and installation to the place of balancing shaft



1. Install the crankshaft in the provision of the top dead point (TDP) of a step of compression of the 1st cylinder (the next to a distributive chain) (see the Section Provision of the Top Dead Point (TDP) of the 1st Piston).
2. Uncover a distributive chain (see the Section Removal and installation to the place of a cover of a distributive chain).
3. Balancing shaft are established in the top dead point (TDP), however, as they rotate twice quicker than the crankshaft, similar to they can be exposed also in the lower dead point (LDP). Make sure that distributive tags on shaft are properly combined with tags on brackets of bearings. As an additional precautionary measure apply with paint marking tags on chains and on asterisks - it will help you not to be mistaken at assembly. Pay attention that on asterisks of balancing shaft there are tags of "INLET" (inlet) and "EXHAUST" (final), similar tags are available also on forward bearings. However, as bearings fasten the only bolt, tags inlet and final will be always correctly located, being in the top part of bearings.
4. Otboltite the top guide of a chain of a balancing shaft, then remove a natyazhitel and a side guide.
5. Give a fixing bolt and remove from the block an uspokoitel of a chain.
6. Remove a chain from asterisks of balancing shaft and an asterisk of the crankshaft.

7. Give fixing bolts of bearings.

8. Take balancing shaft from the block of cylinders.

9. Extraction from the block of cylinders of an inlet balancing shaft.

10. Take care of that shaft were established into place in the original situation.
11. Give fixing bolts and remove asterisks from the ends of balancing shaft, holding each shaft by means of a vice with soft sponges.


Clear balancing shaft and examine bearing necks regarding detection of wear and damages. Also bearings in the block of cylinders have to be examined. In case of detection of excessive wear or damages address for council in representative office of SAAB or in a workshop on restoration of engines.

Installation into place


1. Establish asterisks for the ends of balancing shaft and tighten fixing bolts.
2. Oil necks of bearings pure motive, then insert balancing shaft into the block of cylinders in the initial provisions.
3. Establish an asterisk of a chain of balancing shaft on the forward end of the crankshaft so that marking of "SAAB" was turned outside.
4. Put on a chain asterisks and establish an uspokoitel of a chain on a forward part of the block, make sure that distributive tags are properly combined.
5. Establish a side guide, a natyazhitel and the top guide on a chain of balancing shaft.
6. Turn the crankshaft on 1 turn and make sure that asterisks of balancing shaft still remain correctly established (tags are combined).
7. Establish a cover of a distributive chain (see the Section Removal and installation to the place of a cover of a distributive chain).