4.2.8. Assembly of a head of cylinders


1. Grease rods of valves and install valves in the initial provisions. In case of installation of new valves insert them into those saddles to which they were ground in.

2. Since the first valve, lower a new maslootrazhatelny cap of a rod of the valve in fresh motive oil. Carefully install it via the valve on the directing plug. Be careful - do not damage a cap when clothing it on a valve rod. For dense installation of a cap in the directing plug use a replaceable head of the suitable size.

3. Establish into place a valve spring, and then a plate of a spring then establish a plastic protector in a nest of a hydraulic pusher of the valve.
4. Squeeze a spring of the valve and establish crackers in deepenings in a valve rod. Weaken the tool for compression of valvate springs and remove a protector, then repeat all procedure with the remained valves. Council: For deduction of crackers on the places in deepening of rods at the initial moment, use a small amount of dense lubricant.
5. After all valves are installed, establish a head of cylinders on a workbench and by means of the hammer through wooden whetstone tap the end of each rod of the valve for shrinkage of components in valves.
6. Establish into place hydraulic pushers of valves and cam-shafts (see the Section Removal, survey and installation of a cam-shaft (cam-shafts) and hydraulic pushers of valves).
7. Install the external components removed according to instructions of the Section Dismantling of a Head of Cylinders. At installation of a cap of the distributor check a state and, if necessary, replace a sealing ring.
8. Now the head of cylinders can be established on the place (see the Part Repair of the engine without its extraction from the car of this Chapter).