4.2.6. Dismantling of a head of cylinders

The new / restored heads of cylinders can be acquired in representative office of SAAB or from specialists in capital repairs of the engine. Take care of that during the dismantling and survey of a head of cylinders special tools were used, and new components were suitable. There can be economically more favorable an acquisition of the restored head of cylinders, than independent carrying out dismantling, survey and restoration of an old head.


1. Remove a head of cylinders (see the Part Repair of the engine without its extraction from the car).
2. Otboltite a lifting earring of the engine from a forward part of a head of cylinders.
3. Then you otboltit a clamp.
4. Remove a distributor cap.
5. Remove cam-shafts and hydraulic pushers of valves (see the Section Removal, survey and installation of a cam-shaft (cam-shafts) and hydraulic pushers of valves).
6. Before starting removal of valves, prepare plastic protective covers for a zaglushivaniye of nests of hydraulic pushers of valves. During the work with the tool for compression of valvate springs at a tool soskakivaniye since the end of the valve of a nest can be easily damaged. Council: Plastic protectors can be got in representative office of SAAB; also the protector can be made of material of a plastic canister.
7. Establish a protector in a valve pusher nest, then by means of the tool for compression of valvate springs squeeze a valvate spring so that it was possible to remove crackers.
8. Weaken the tool for compression of springs and remove a plate of a spring.
9. Remove a valvate spring.
10. Remove a basic washer.
11. Flat-nose pliers carefully take a maslootrazhatelny cap of a rod of the valve from the top part of the directing plug. 4e
12. Remove a maslootrazhatelny cap of a rod of the valve. 4f
13. If, despite use of the tool for compression of valvate springs, a plate the spring does not move a little and does not allow to remove crackers, carefully knock by the top part of the tool with the easy hammer towards the movement of a plate. It will help to release the stuck plate.
14. Take the valve from the combustion chamber.
15. It is very important that each valve was stored together with its crackers, a plate springs and a basic washer of a spring.
16. Also valves have to be spread out according to order of their installation in the engine if they are not worn-out so that they are subject to replacement. If valves are subject to repeated installation, each valvate assembly should be laid in the marked bag or a container. Remember that the N1 cylinder - the next to a distributive chain.
17. After removal of valves use flat-nose pliers for extraction of caps of rods of valves from the top part of the directing plugs.