4.2.5. An order of dismantling of the engine for capital repairs

It is much simpler to perform dismantling of the engine and work with it at the portable motive stand. Such stands can often be rented in a workshop. Before installation of the engine from the engine the flywheel / a driving disk has to be shot with the stand so that bolts of the stand could be connected to the end of the block of cylinders / case.

In case of impossibility to use the stand it is possible to make dismantling of the engine on a strong workbench or on a floor. At the same time it is necessary to be especially careful not to strike or to drop the engine in the course of work.

In case you are going to change the engine on restored, then previously from the old engine all external components for the purpose of their transfer have to be shot with the new engine. Usually such components is the following (however check the equipment of the engine):
   a) Fixing bracket of the generator (Head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
   b) The distributor (where is available), high-voltage wires or the block of ignition of system of direct ignition and spark plug (The head Routine maintenance and the Head Sistemy of start and a charge).
   c) Thermostat and casing (Head of the Cooling system, heating).
   d) A tube of the measuring probe, (where is available).
   e) Adjusting bracket of the compressor of the air conditioning system (Head of the Cooling system, heating).
   f) Components of system of injection of fuel and electronic control systems of release (Head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
   g) All electric switches and sensors with wires.
   h) Inlet pipeline and final collector (Head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
   i) Oil filter (Head Routine maintenance).
   j) Brackets of support of the engine (A part Repair of the engine without its extraction from the car of this Chapter).
   k) A flywheel / a driving disk (A part Repair of the engine without its extraction from the car of this Chapter).

At removal of external components from the engine pay special attention to details which can be useful or important at assembly. Remember adjusting provisions of laying, epiploons, washers, forelocks, fingers, bolts and other fine details.

In case of acquisition of the main repair kit of the engine (the cylinders/case, the crankshaft, pistons with rods - all assembled includes the block), it is also necessary to remove a head of cylinders and the pallet of a case.

In case you plan complete capital repairs of the engine, then the engine can be disassembled, and internal components are removed in the order offered below:
   a) Inlet pipeline and final collector (Head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
   b) Head of cylinders (Head Remont of the engine).
   c) A distributive chain (and where the chain of balancing shaft is required), asterisks and a natyazhitel (The head Remont of the engine).
   d) Flywheel / driving disk (Head Remont of the engine).
   e) Balancing shaft (if are established) (The section Removal, survey and installation to the place of balancing shaft).
   f) Case pallet (Head Remont of the engine).
   g) Assemblies of pistons with rods (The section Removal of Assembly of Pistons with rods).
   h) Crankshaft (Section Removal of the Crankshaft).

Before starting dismantling and procedures of capital repairs, make sure that at your disposal there are all necessary tools. For reference address the Section Tools and the equipment of a workplace at the beginning of this manual.