4.2.3. Removal of the engine - a technique and precautions

In case you decided to start capital repairs of the engine or global repair work, it is previously necessary to do several preparatory operations.

Extremely important factor is the choice of the suitable place for work. The respective working platform with the place is necessary for installation of the car. In case of lack of an opportunity to use workshops or a garage, the minimum requirement is existence of the flat, flat and pure working platform.

Careful cleaning of a motive compartment and the block of the engine of transmission before the procedure of extraction of the engine will help to keep the working tool pure and safe.

Also the motive winch or an A-shaped frame will be required. Make sure that all equipment and a lifting rigging corresponds to the full weight of the engine with transmission. Observance of careful precautionary measures at extraction of the engine from the car is a paramount condition.

In case you for the first time start extraction of the engine, then ideally you need the help of the assistant. Also receiving councils from more skilled in this case the person or the expert will be useful. During extraction of the engine from a motive compartment there is a set of procedures which cannot be at the same time executed by one person.

Before getting to work, carefully plan all operations on time. In advance rent or buy all necessary tools and the equipment. Holding a procedure of extraction of engine / transmission from the car safely and rather simply, in addition to the winch mentioned above will require the following equipment: A powerful cart jack, a full set of wrenches and replaceable face heads described at the beginning of this manual, wooden blocks and enough rags and pure solvent for removal and wiping of the spilled oil, a cooler and fuel. In case the lifting winch has to be rented, carefully prepare the engine for the procedure of extraction and do all possible operations which can be done in advance. It will help you to save time and money.

Prepare that during time which will be required for capital repairs of the engine the car will not be subject to use. Carrying out some works which cannot be conducted independently without the corresponding special equipment, will require involvement of qualified personnel from engineering workshops. Usually such institutions work in quite busy schedule therefore it is quite good to agree with representatives of such workshops in advance before starting capital repairs of the engine. It will help to save a significant amount of time and money.

At extraction and installation to the place of the block of engine / transmission be extremely careful. The serious trauma can appear result of non-compliance with security measures.
The engine with transmission act from the car by their extraction from a motive compartment by means of the lifting equipment.