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4.2.11. Removal of the crankshaft

In case making of any work with pistons and rods is not supposed, then there is no need to remove a head of cylinders or to push pistons through cylinders. Pistons have to be lifted only on height sufficient for removal of the bearing of the lower head of a rod from a crankshaft neck.


1. Remove a distributive chain and an asterisk, the pallet of a case and an intaking tube of the oil pump / the filter / the transferring tube and a flywheel / a driving disk (see the Part Repair of the engine without its extraction from the car of this Chapter).
2. Remove pistons and rods (address the Section Removal of Assembly of Pistons with rods).
3. Measure a longitudinal side play of the crankshaft (address the Section Survey of the Crankshaft), act as follows further.
4. Otboltite also remove a casing of a back epiploon of the crankshaft from the end of the block of cylinders, having paid attention to the correct installation of the directing plugs. If the directing plugs are installed freely, remove them and put to the reliable place together with an epiploon casing. Remove laying.

5. On the basis of a cover of each radical bearing identification numbers have to be already cast. In case of lack of factory numbering number crankshaft covers by means of a center punch, also as it was done with covers of bearings of the lower head of a rod.
6. Give and remove fixing bolts of covers of radical bearings.

7. Uncover together with inserts. In case of a prikipaniye of covers tap them the wooden or copper hammer.

8. Take inserts from covers, however take care of that they at assembly could be established in the initial provisions.
9. Carefully take the crankshaft from a case.
10. Remove the top inserts of bearings from a case, having taken care of a possibility of their installation into place in the initial provisions.
11. Also remove persistent washers from each party of the central radical bearing and put them together with a bearing cover.
12. After removal of the crankshaft on B204 and B234 engines, if necessary, the rotor of the sensor of position of the crankshaft can be removed for what it is necessary to give screws and to remove a rotor through the end of the crankshaft. Pay attention that screws are located in such a way that the rotor can be established into place by the only way.