4.1.14. Removal and installation to the place of the oil level sensor



1. The sensor of level of oil is installed on models with the computer controlling the movement of the car. The sensor is located in a back part of the pallet of a case and consists of a float and an electric part. The alarm lamp on an instrument guard lights up at switching off of the switch at depreciation in oil in the engine. After inclusion of an alarm lamp the sensor will not be involved again, ignition at least for 5 minutes will not be switched off yet.
2. Cock the emergency brake, then a poddomkratta the car in front and behind and establish it on axial props (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels).
3. Merge motive oil (see the Head Routine maintenance).
4. Disconnect a wire from the oil level sensor in a back part of the pallet of a case.
5. Purely wipe area around the sensor, then unscrew adjusting screws and take the sensor from the case pallet. Remove laying.

Installation into place

Installation is carried out as it should be the return to a removal order, do not forget to clear at the same time contact surfaces and to establish new laying. Tighten adjusting bolts in the progressing order.