3.9. Replacement of motive oil and oil filter

Replacement of motive oil and oil filter (after the first 10 000 km or in 12 months) *

Intervals of service are specified in graphics of maintenance of the car. Owners of cars with a big run or used in the start-stop mode, can make replacement of oil, an oil filter at an interval of 10 000 km instead of a usual interval of 20 000 km.

Frequent periodic change of oil and oil filter is the most important part of preventive measures of routine maintenance of the car. Eventually motive oil begins to be diluted and become soiled that results in excessive wear of the engine.

Before starting this procedure prepare all necessary tools and materials. Make sure also that enough rags and old newspapers for a wipe of the spilled oil is had near at hand. It is better to make draining of the warmed motive oil as it helps fuller discharge of a sediment and dirt with the engine block. However be careful - do not touch hot elements of the exhaust system or other systems of the engine. In order to avoid possible burns, during the work with motive oil it is reasonable to put on protection of skin against an erosion, other damages glove hands. For more convenient access to the bottom of the car it will be reasonable to tire out the car on a platform, to lift it on the elevator or to poddomkratit and establish on axial support (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels). What method you would not choose make sure that the car is installed exactly or if it is established at an angle that the drain stopper is in the lowest point.


1. Give a drain stopper on a turn floor. Install a container of suitable volume under a drain opening, then remove a stopper completely. Whenever possible try to hold a stopper with her hand pressed to the case pallet when untwisting on the last turns. After the stopper is completely unscrewed from a carving opening, sharply remove it so that the stream of the merged oil was sent directly to drain capacity, but not to your sleeve. Remove a sealing washer from a drain stopper.

2. Allow motive oil to flow down in capacity for some time, pay at the same time attention that drain capacity should be moved in process of weakening of a pressure of the followed oil.

3. After the end of draining of oil dry wipe a drain opening and a stopper pure rags and check a condition of a sealing washer, if necessary make its replacement. Clear the platform around a drain opening and a stopper and establish a stopper into place. Tighten a stopper with the required effort.

4. Establish drain capacity under an oil filter. In B202 engines (without balancing shaft) the filter is located in a back right part of the block of cylinders. On B204 and B234 engines (with balancing shaft) the filter is located in a forward right part of the block of cylinders.

5. Using, if necessary, the special tool for removal of an oil filter, weaken the filter and unscrew it a hand. Pay attention that on B204 and B234 engines the oil filter is located very close to the pallet of a case and the special chain key can be necessary for its removal. Perhaps also use of a belt key for removal of an oil filter on such engines.

6. Merge oil from the removed filter in drain capacity and put the filter aside, it is not required any more and is subject to utilization.
7. By means of pure rags remove the remains of oil, dirt, a sediment from the engine block case around fastening of an oil filter. Examine the old filter to make sure that the rubber sealing ring did not remain stuck to the engine. If the ring appeared on the engine, carefully remove it.
8. Slightly oil pure motive a sealing ring on the new filter, then screw in the filter on the place on the engine block. Hardly tighten the filter by hand - do not use any tools to tightening of the filter. Dry wipe the filter and a drain stopper in the case pallet.
9. Take the drain container with the merged oil and all used tools from under the car, then lower the car on the earth.
10. Uncover the gulf of motive oil and take the oil probe from a mouth tube. Fill in the engine with motive oil of the required grade and structure (address the Section Types and volumes of the applied lubricants and liquids). Use of a scrap of a large bottle from under oil or a funnel will help to avoid a spill of oil at its flood in the engine. Pour about a half of the required amount of oil, then wait several minutes, allowing oil to flow down in the case pallet. Continue to add motive oil in the small portions until the level of oil does not reach the lower point in the oil probe. Dolivany one more liter of motive oil will raise its level to the top mark in the probe. Insert the oil probe and establish into place a cover of a mouth of the gulf of oil.
11. Start the engine and let's it work within several minutes; Check whether there is no leak of oil around consolidation of an oil filter and a drain stopper of the pallet of a case. Pay attention that there can be a delay in several seconds before the control lamp of pressure of oil at the first start of the engine goes out, this time is necessary in order that new oil filled oil galleries of the engine and a new oil filter.
12. Switch off the engine and wait several seconds until oil flows down in the case pallet. Now, when oil completely protsirkulirovat on the engine and the oil filter was completely filled with oil, again check oil level on the oil probe, if necessary produce dolivany oils.
13. Place the used motive oil in safe places.