3.35. Change of transmission liquid and filter of automatic transmission

Change of transmission liquid and the filter of automatic transmission (through 50 000 km or in 36 months) *

For definition of an interval of conducting further check see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.

Components of the filter and drain stopper of automatic transmission (it is specified by an arrow) a stopper of automatic transmission (it is specified by an arrow)

Liquid will be very hot therefore in order to avoid burns it is necessary to observe extreme care. Therefore it is recommended to use thick waterproof gloves.


1. Make on the car a trip on short distance for a transmission warming up up to the normal working temperature. Install the car over a viewing hole, or on a platform, or its poddomkratta in front and behind and install it on axial props (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels). What method would not be applied, make sure that the car is installed exactly - it is an indispensable condition of check of level of transmission liquid.
2. Establish the drain capacity of suitable volume under transmission, Then unscrew a drain stopper and allow liquid to flow out from transmission. Pay attention that untwisting of a stopper requires a special key.
3. After draining of liquid wipe absolutely a stopper and establish it into place on a casing of automatic transmission. Tighten a stopper with the required effort.
4. Unscrew 3 bolts and uncover the filter a bottom of automatic transmission.
5. Remove the filter. Remove and replace sealing rings.
6. Absolutely wipe a seat of the filter and a cover, then install the new filter with new sealing rings. Strong tighten fixing bolts of a cover.
7. Fill in transmission liquid of the required grade and characteristics in transmission. Add the required amount of liquid according to instructions of the Section Check of Level of Liquid of Automatic Transmission. For a start use the lower set of tags of level on the measuring probe, then make a short trip on the car. On reaching the engine of normal working temperature recheck the level of liquid using the top set of tags of the measuring probe. If necessary make a dolivaniye.