3.3. Introduction

This Head is made so that to help the house mechanic to support his car in security status, profitability, high road performance and to provide thereby the maximum service life.

The Head contains the general schedule of carrying out maintenance of the car broken on sections according to various systems of the car. The description of maintenance includes visual survey, adjustments, replacements of elements and other useful tips. For simplification of search of the corresponding components of the car the head included the photos illustrating a motive compartment of the car both the forward and back bottom views.

You make maintenance of your car according to the kilometrazhno-time schedule of service, following the detailed advice stated in the following sections of the Head. Implementation of the enclosed instructions will lead to ensuring the maximum reliability and service life of the car. The plan of maintenance provided in this Chapter has to be implemented completely, and performance only of its separate elements will not result in desirable result.

In the course of service of your car you will find out that many procedures can and have to — to be made together, or because of similarity of the performed procedures, or because of proximity of an arrangement of two, in any other manner not connected among themselves, car components. For example, if the car поддомкрачен or is tired out on a platform for any survey, it makes sense to examine the exhaust system, a suspension bracket and components of the steering mechanism.

Before starting implementation of the program of maintenance, first of all it is necessary to make some self-preparation, to attentively read all sections devoted to the corresponding procedure then to make the list and to pick up the required spare parts and tools. In case of problems address to shop of auto parts or to dealer firm.

Intensive service

If from the moment of acquisition of the new car you closely adhere to the schedule of maintenance of the car and to pay due attention to check of level of liquid and survey of the elements subject to strong wear, then it will allow to keep during long term the engine in rather good shape and to minimize the required additional works.

Almost for certain, at failure to follow in time the required procedures, the working condition of the engine will begin to worsen quickly. Especially it belongs to the acquired used cars earlier not being exposed to regular service. In these cases, besides regular procedures, carrying out additional works will be required.

If there is a suspicion on wear of the engine, then check of a compression (see appropriate section of the Head Remont of the engine), will allow to define indirectly the general condition of the main internal components of the engine. Check of a compression serves as basis for scoping of necessary works. So, if check of a compression, indicates serious wear of internal components of the engine, holding the corresponding procedures of routine maintenance described in this Chapter not strongly will help a condition of the engine, will be only waste of time and money while first of all capital repairs of the engine have to be made.

For improvement the condition of badly working engine most often is required carrying out the following series of procedures:

Primary procedures


1. Clear, examine and check the battery ( The section Check of Level of Electrolyte in the battery).
2. Check all liquids (The section of Check of levels of liquid) concerning the engine.
3. Check a state and a tension of an auxiliary driving belt (The section Check and replacement of an auxiliary driving belt).
4. Replace candles (Section Replacement of Spark Plugs).
5. Examine a distributor cover, the runner and high-voltage wires - if the car is equipped by them (The head Sistemy of start and a charge).
6. Check a condition of an element of the air filter, if necessary replace its (Section Replacement of an Element of the Air Cleaner).
7. Replace the fuel filter (Section Replacement of the Fuel Filter).
8. Check a condition of all hoses and define whether there is no leak of liquid (Section Check of Hoses and Leak of Liquids).
9. Check turns of idling and composition of mix - if it is required on your car (The head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).

If carrying out these operations did not allow to improve a condition of your engine, it is necessary to carry out the following secondary procedures:

Secondary procedures


1. Check system of a charge (The head Sistemy of start and a charge).
2. Check system of ignition (The head Sistemy of start and a charge).
3. Check a power supply system (The head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems).
4. Replace a cover of the distributor and the runner - if the car is equipped by them (The head Sistemy of start and a charge).
5. Replace high-voltage wires of ignition - if the car is equipped with them (The head Sistemy of start and a charge).