3.25. Check of the exhaust system

Check of the exhaust system (through 30 000 km or in 24 months) *

For definition of further intervals of conducting check see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.

If the engine is just stopped, be careful, do not touch the exhaust system, especially in its forward part as it is hot.


1. Tire out the car on a viewing hole or on a platform. It is also possible to poddomkratit the car in front and behind and to install it on axial props, (address Poddomkrachivaniye's Section, towage and change of wheels).
2. Examine the exhaust system on all length regarding damages, breaks, the lost fastenings, reliability of fastenings, the holding clips of collars, a condition of system from the point of view of corrosion.
3. Check whether there are no signs of leaks - usually leaks are shown in the form of black raids of soot. At the started engine ask the assistant to press a rags lump to a back cut of an exhaust pipe, at the same time listen whether there is no rhythmic patting sound characterizing leaks in the exhaust system.
4. Insignificant leaks can be eliminated independently by the owner of the car by means of a special set of sealants for exhaust systems, however more serious damages demand removal of the damaged section and to its repair according to the instructions provided in the Head Toplivnaya and exhaust systems.
5. In conclusion lower the car on the earth.