3.19. Adjustment of the main and fog lights

Adjustment of the main and fog lights (after the first 10 000 km of a run or 12 months later) *

For definition of intervals of conducting further checks see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.


1. Examine the main and fog lights regarding detection of the damages caused by hit of stones.
2. Check adjustment of the main headlights according to instructions of the Head Sistem of electric equipment. Pay attention that for the correct adjustment of the tire have to be beefy with the required pressure. Where the adjusting switch of a beam of the main headlights is installed before starting adjustment, make sure that the switch is installed in zero.
3. If necessary make adjustment of a beam of fog lights by means of the adjusting screws which are or in the top forward corners of the block, or under the headlight block. Approximate adjustment of headlights can be carried out by approach of a beam down to the line to the parallel earth, and across to the line of a parallel longitudinal axis of the car.