3.17. Greasing of loops and locks

Greasing of loops and locks (through 10 000 km of a run or in 12 months) *

For definition of further intervals of conducting this check see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.


1. Clear and grease all door loops of the car, including also a back door liquid lubricating oil (Duckhams Home Oil).
2. Grease with vaseline the releasing mechanism of a cowl, loop and blocking locks of a cowl.
3. Carefully check reliability and functioning of all loops, locks and locks, if necessary make adjustment. Check operation of the uniform lock (if is available).
4. Check a state and functioning of basic racks of a back door, at detection of leaks or in case racks are not able to support more a back door opened, replace racks.
5. In conclusion check functioning of all locks, all doors of the car, a back door / trunk lid and the hatch of a mouth of the gulf of fuel. Check reliability of functioning of blocking doggies of the back doors preventing their unexpected opening or opening of doors owing to prank of children.