3.16. Check of system of a safety cushion

Check of system of a safety cushion (through the first 10 000 km of a run or 12 months later) *

For definition of intervals of further conducting this check see appropriate section of the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.

The following inspection can be carried out by the house mechanic, however at failure detection of electronics, further check has to be made by representatives of SAAB who have the necessary diagnostic equipment allowing to define malfunction of system at the order.


1. Turn the ignition key in provision of the movement (the alarm lamp is included) and make sure that the alarm lamp of an auxiliary security system (SRS) joined for 6 seconds, after that the lamp has to be switched off, it indicates that the system is checked and functions normally.
2. If the alarm lamp remains included 6 seconds later or does not join in general, the system has to be checked by the representative of SAAB.
3. Visually examine the central panel of a steering wheel and the module of a pillow from the passenger party regarding detection of external damages. If it is available obvious signs of damage, consult with representatives of SAAB.
4. For safety make sure that in the car there are no loose objects which can fall to modules of pillows in case of accident.