3.10. Check of concentration of antifreeze

Check of concentration of antifreeze (through each 10 000 km or in 12 months) *

Address the Section Schedule technical обслуживанияавтомобиля Saab 9000 for definition of the subsequent intervals of holding this procedure.

Antifreeze always has to have a certain concentration. It is necessary not only for maintenance of frost-resistant properties of antifreeze, but also for the prevention of corrosion because of reduction of concentration of inhibitor of corrosion in cooling mix.


1. Slowly unscrew a cover of a broad tank of the cooling system, then fill in a cooler in a tester. According to instructions of the manufacturer of a tester define concentration of antifreeze. Generally the tester consists of three multi-colored balls having various density - at the maximum concentration all three balls will appear afloat, in process of concentration reduction afloat there can be only one ball.
2. If concentration of antifreeze does not correspond to the required value, it is possible to merge a part of a cooler from a broad tank and to add pure antifreeze. If concentration strongly differs from demanded, the cooling system has to be completely merged, and in it the new structure has to be filled in (address the Section Replacement of a Cooler).
3. In conclusion tighten a cover of a broad tank.

Check has to be made on the cold engine, and use of a tester of antifreezes which can be got in shop of automobile accessories is required.