3.1. Types and volumes of the applied lubricants and liquids

Lubricants and liquids



Component or system Lubricant type according to the specification Recommendations of Duckhams
1. Engine All-weather motive oil with viscosity of SAE 10W/30, 10W/40, 5W/30 or 5W/40, API CG and G4/G5 according to the SSMS specification Duckhams QXR, QS or Hipergrage Plus
2. Cooling system Antifreeze on the basis of ethylene glycol Universal Duckhams antifreeze and summer cooler (Summer coolant)
3. Manual transmission 10W/30 or 10W/40 (not to apply synthetic oil) Duckhams QXR or Hipergrage Plus
4. Automatic transmission 11 ATF DEXRON Duckhams Uni-Matic
5. Hinges of equal angular speeds of power shafts

External power shaft: Molicote VN 2461C

Internal power shaft: Mobil GS57C lubricant



6. Brake hydraulic system and hydraulic system of coupling Hydraulic DOT 4 liquid Universal liquid for coupling and brakes of Duckhams
7. Naves/bearings of wheels Universal lubricant on a lithium basis Duckhams LB 10
8. Lath of the steering mechanism Universal lubricant on a lithium basis Duckhams LB 10
9. System of hydrostrengthening of a wheel Liquid for system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel of SAAB or GM Duckhams Uni-Matic
10. Windscreen washer liquid - -


Motive oil

Taking into account the filter:
B202 engine
4.2 l
The B234 engine (till 1993 release) 4.3 l
B204 and V234 engines (since 1994 release) 5.5 l
Difference between the marks MAX and MIN in the measuring probe 1.0 l

Cooling system

All engines 9.0 l (approximately)

Manual transmission

Till 1993 release
2.5 l
Since 1994 release 1.8 l

Automatic transmission

Including the converter of rotation and a cooler of liquid:

Models of 2.0 l 8.2 l (approximately)

Models of 2.3 l
8.7 l (approximately)
The required volume when replacing 3.0 - 3.5 l

Fuel tank



Release models from 1985 to 1989 68 l
Release models 1990 and 1992 66 l
Models of release of 1991 62 l

System of hydrostrengthening of a wheel

All models 0.75 l