2.8. Cassette tape recorder

Insert the cartridge the open party to the right. The broadcast or reproduction of compact disks will be interrupted.

At reproduction on the display messages of TAPE>> or TAPE <<, the movements of a tape indicating to the direction are displayed.

Cassette tape recorder

1 Reverse

Press the BAND34 key.

At achievement of the end of a path transition is carried out automatically.

2 The accelerated rewind forward, back and search

It is carried out by means of pressing of the FWD and REW keys.

If to press these keys in the course of the accelerated rewind, the search mode (on the display the APC indicator appears) joins. Rewind stops at the beginning of the following record provided that previous is separated from it 4 seconds of silence.

The accelerated rewind forward and back with the mode of search and without it can be stopped, having pressed the BAND key.

Under following conditions the mode of search can indistinctly work:
   -  A tape with records, intervals between which are shorter than 4 seconds. These intervals are too short that the system could define them.
   -  A tape with record of the speech with pauses more than 4 seconds.
   -  Records with very quiet places lasting more than 4 seconds.

3 Key of extraction of the cartridge

Pressing of this key causes completion of work of the tape recorder, as well as pressing of the SOURCE key for the choice of other source of a sound (RADIO/CD). At the choice of other source of a sound the cartridge remains in the tape recorder, but and tonvat sound-reproducing heads are taken away from a tape. At switching off of the audio system the cartridge is also taken from the tape recorder.

4 SCN - Reproduction of a 10-second fragment of each record

This mode joins by means of pressing of the SCN key (on the display the SCN indicator lights up). Double pressing of the FWD or REW key leads to reproduction of a 10-second fragment of each record. Pressing of the FWD REW keys it is possible to change the direction of scanning.

5 The admission of places without record on a tape

By pressing the BLS key at usual reproduction on the display there is a FF-APC indicator and the tape recorder switches to the accelerated rewind in the presence on a tape of a pause more than 12 seconds.

After the termination of a pause reproduction is resumed.

6 System of noise reduction DOLBYT

By pressing a key Dolby B noise reduction mode joins. Cartridges on which records are made in the Dolby mode have to be wiretapped in this mode.

7 RPT - record Repetition

To repeat the listened record, press the RPT key, at the same time on the display the RPT indicator appears. During rewind of a tape before repetition on the display the REPEAT indicator appears.

Tape type

The tape recorder is equipped with the automatic switch on metal type of a tape.

Handling of cartridges

It is not necessary to subject cartridges to impact of a direct sunlight in order to avoid damage of the cartridge and a tape.

Always you keep cartridges in boxes.

Take out not used cartridge from the tape recorder.

If the tape recorder "chews" a tape, address on Saab service station.