2.7. Audio system 9000 (additional equipment)


The audio system 9000 is intended especially for installation in Saab 9000 salon. It reproduces frequencies in the range of 40-16000 Hz and consists of the following elements:

— The block of the radio receiver and the cassette tape recorder with governing bodies of all audio system
— The amplifier of 4х32 W located under the passenger's seat
— Forward and back loudspeakers

1 ON|VOL - inclusion/switching off, loudness

The system joins by means of pressing of the ON/VOL key. At inclusion of system the same loudness is established that was at switching off.

2 EQ/BAL - the Equalizer and balance

By means of pressing of the EQ/BAL key it is possible to choose the modes of installation of low frequencies, high frequencies, balance (left/right) and balance (forward/back).

Establish the chosen value by means of the + keys "and" -" near the EQ/BAL key:

Low frequencies ± 6 steps

High frequencies ± 6 steps

Balance of loudness (left and right) ± 15 steps

Balan of loudness (forward and back) ± 15 steps

If other keys are not pressed, in 5 seconds the system comes back to the usual mode.

3 EQ/BAL - Rise in low frequencies

Pressing of a key sets more than two seconds the mode of rise in low frequencies (increase in loudness of low frequencies).

4 BAND Switching of wave bands

Ranges are switched by pressing of the BAND key.

5 Control and search with control

Pressing the TM key within more than 2 seconds, choose sensitivity: LO (powerful radio stations) or DX (powerful and weak radio stations).

Press a key of search and control from below up or from top to down on the established range.

Manual control: The TM key switches to the mode of manual control. For control of frequency press a key or. Control has to is made no later than 5 seconds after pressing of the TM key, otherwise automatic search joins.
Short pressing a key increases or reduces frequency by one step.

6 Быстрая control of a key 1-6

Press one of keys 1-6 to be adjusted on earlier chosen station. Keeping of the key pressed (not less than 2 seconds) leads to deleting from memory of frequency of earlier chosen station and to entering in memory of frequency of the new station.


7 PS/AS Automatic entering in memory of frequencies of stations

By pressing a key more than 2 seconds the receiver automatically brings in memory of frequency of stations. At first the system finds 6 most powerful stations and brings them in memory. If in memory less than 6 stations are brought, one more search with hypersensibility is run.

8 SOURSE - switching of a sort of work

By means of a key switching between the receiver, the tape recorder and the CD player is made.

9 RDS - switching to RDS listening - the stations

RDS - an information system which transfers go together with usual radio programs in VHF range. The signal of RDS forces the radio receiver to find automatically the best transmitter of this program and to automatically support good audibility. The RDS mode joins and switched off by means of pressing of the RDS key. In the RDS mode on the display the name of the listened program and the name of the transmitting station is displayed.
Blinking of the letters RDS means that information signal very weak.

10 RDS-PTY - the Choice like program

This mode is based on what in network of broadcasting of VHF of the program codes according to their types have. The PTY mode is the RDS submode.

The choice like program:

1. Press the RDS key and hold within more than 2 seconds (transition to the RDS mode).
2. By means of keys it is also possible to establish one of 15 types of the listened programs. After the choice like program in 5 seconds the mode begins to work.

It is possible to establish the following types of programs:

1 — news
2 — business
3 — information
4 — sport
5 — education
6 — the drama
7 — culture
8 — science
9 — a miscellaneous
10 — pop music
11 — rock music
12 — m.o.r.m. (music for those who in way)
13 — light music
14 — classical music
15 — different music

Besides, it is possible to choose 6 types of programs by means of keys of the bystry choice:

Key 1 — news,
Key 2 — information
Key 3 — pop music
Key 4 — sport
Key 5 — classical music,
Key 6 — m.o.r.m.

It is possible to change the types of programs connected with keys of the bystry choice:

Press the RDS key and hold within more than 2 seconds.

Establish program type by means of keys.

By means of pressing of a key of the bystry choice within more than 2 seconds bring the chosen program type in memory.

At the set PTY mode the program of the chosen type interrupts other sources of sound reproduction.

At desire to interrupt transfer of the chosen type it is necessary to press the SOURCE key. At the same time the radio receiver will wait for the following transfer of the chosen type.

Transition to other type of programs in the PTY mode is carried out by pressing within more than 2 seconds of the RDS key.


Then it is necessary to establish new type of programs by means of keys of the bystry choice or keys.

At control for the program of the chosen type operation of the tape recorder or CD player is interrupted. The choice of the modes CD, TAPE or RADIO does not affect control for type of programs (and the range of DV/SV mentions as in it there are no stations working with the PTY codes).

By pressing the RDS key the PTY mode is turned off.

After switching off of the PTY mode the RDS key is used for inclusion and switching off of the RDS mode.

11 TA - Road messages

By means of pressing of THAT key the mode of reception of the road messages interrupting operation of the tape recorder or CD player joins.

This mode is independent of the RDS mode. At receipt of the road message other radio reception, reproduction of tape recording or record of compact disks is interrupted. On the display the message of "TRAINFO" appears and at the same time a certain level of loudness is established (if this level is lower, than previously established by you, your level of loudness remains invariable).

Upon termination of the road message the audio system comes back to work in earlier set mode.

TP-Road program

The TR indicator on the display shows that the accepted radio station can transfer road messages.
If the accepted radio station cannot transfer road messages (and, therefore, on the display there is no TR indicator, but THAT mode is set), the receiver automatically begins search of the radio stations capable to transfer road messages.

Spot news

At the set RDS mode sound reproduction can be interrupted with important messages, not belonging to road information. In this case on the display the message of ALARM appears.

12 TA - REG-reception of local stations

At desire to accept only the fixed local radio station it is necessary to set the REG mode, holding THAT key pressed more than 2 seconds (on the display the REG indicator will appear).

The REG mode is switched off also by pressing of THAT key within more than 2 seconds (at the same time from the display the REG indicator disappears).

At the switched-off mode pressing of a key of the bystry choice leads to search by the receiver of other local radio station (PI SEEK). By the subsequent pressing of a key search of other nearest radio station is carried out.