2.5. Heater and conditioner

Three options are established: a hand-operated heater without air conditioning, a hand-operated heater with air conditioning (EXPERT) and system of automatic conditioning (ASS).

For maximum efficiency of work of the EXPERTS and ASS systems all windows (and also the roof hatch if it is) have to be closed.

Fresh air moves through openings at a windshield. It passes through the filter and gets to climatic installation from where as required gets to salon. On models 9000 CD air comes out salon through a lattice on the right side panel of the luggage compartment. On models 9000 CS air comes out salon through two openings of a back window on each side.

Hand-operated heater

Fan. The amount of the air given to salon depends on an operating mode of the fan (four speeds of rotation). The turn of the handle clockwise leads to increase in air supply.

Adjustment of temperature. Temperature of the air given to salon can be regulated smoothly (between extreme values). The turn of the handle clockwise leads to increase in temperature of the given air.

Air distribution. Management of distribution of air allows to direct an air stream on having blown in a windshield, side windows and a floor.
The handle of management can hold any intermediate positions between four basic provisions.

Panel of a hand-operated heater

The maximum air supply to front and to side glasses (the provision of defrosting)

The maximum air supply to a floor

The maximum air supply via deflectors of the forward panel

All deflectors are closed

Each deflector of the forward panel is supplied with the handles allowing to change the direction of an air stream (for example, it is necessary to send air fire chambers to side windows to cold weather, I promote their defrosting), and also the handle allowing to change amount of the air given via the deflector.

Heating of a back window and rear-view mirrors

The switch is located in the control unit of climatic installation. At inclusion of heating on the dashboard the indicator lamp lights up.

At disappearance of frosting and moisture heating should be switched off. After 10-15 minutes of work heating is switched off automatically.

In order to avoid damages of the heating conducting it is not necessary to put sharp or massive objects on the back shelf. It is not necessary to include heating of glass of a back window at the idle engine.

Rear-view mirrors on doors have heating. Management of heating of mirrors is made by means of the switch of heating of glass of a back window.

Conditioner of air (EXPERT)

Air conditioning system is operated by the same keys.

The EXPERT system begins to work when pressing a key provided that the handle of management of operation of the fan is installed in any of provisions 1-4.

During the operation of the engine idling inclusion of the EXPERT system happens to a delay about 1 second that the engine increased turns for compensation of operation of the compressor a little.

The EXPERT system can be applied at external temperatures above 0 °C. At very big load of the engine (the butterfly valve is open more than for 85%) the EXPERT system is disconnected until load of the engine does not decrease (repeated inclusion happens automatically). The EXPERT system can be applied at cold weather to fight against fogging of glasses.

Air recirculation

By pressing a key inflow of fresh air to salon stops, and air repeatedly passes through ventilating system.

This mode is intended for bystry cooling of air in salon in hot weather.

It is not necessary to apply the recirculation mode in cold weather in order to avoid formation of moisture and ice on glasses of windows.

Typical installations under various weather conditions

The maximum heating at very cold weather

At start of the cold engine it is necessary to install the handle of control of the fan in situation 2, and the DISTR handle in the provision of defrosting.

As the arrow of the index of water temperature begins to move, showing that the engine begins to get warm, it is necessary to increase the speed of rotation of the fan, having moved the handle in situation 3. If the windshield is free from ice, move the DISTR handle on one situation to the left.

Obviously, time of warming up of the engine depends on the mode of the movement of the car. Warming up happens quicker at the movement to big turns of the engine. Therefore, the speed of the car is higher and the transfer is lower, the engine gets warm quicker.

It is not necessary to establish the fourth speed of rotation of the fan as it is intended for the maximum ventilation in hot weather.